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Searching for the perfect cybersecurity partner can feel a lot like dating, you may have to talk to a few before finding one that’s just right for you. However, you could end up falling for one that seemed perfect to begin with but could quickly end up being wrong for you. Here are key traits to look out for the ideal cyber partner and some red flags that could signal it’s time to move on. 

Must haves for a dream match:

Shared Values – 

Shared values are pinnacle to having a good relationship. Find a cyber security provider that has the same priorities as you such as being transparent and responsive. If you have the same principles to begin with, you’re more likely to start off on the best foot and keep a good relationship going! 

Trustworthiness – 

Trust is everything for any type of relationship. You need to be able to trust your Cyber provider, so aids such as reviews and certifications help, but also if they show integrity and dedication, you’re sure to be onto a winner.

Stability – 

Finding a reliable partner for any type of relationship is important. A stable relationship builds a strong foundation and this can mean a successful partnership, including with your cyber security team. Look out for elements such as low staff turnover, an experienced team and case studies to choose a reliable partner. 

Communication – 

Communication is absolute key! It helps a relationship stay healthy and allows your provider to prioritise what is needed. Be open with your feedback and also listen to ideas and opportunities to make sure your business is working to its maximum potential and safety.

Flexibility & Growth – 

A relationship thrives when you and your team are open to being flexible. Choosing solutions that can be adjusted as your business evolves or as technology adapts is important and also being flexible to options, training and suggestions can be essential. Make sure the team you work with are also flexible, if they aren’t open to your ideas or new technology, that could be a red flag! 

Proactive Protection – 

Partners are there for you through thick and thin, and it should be the same with your cyber security partner. Your team should proactively look after your business and stop any threats before they happen, as well as providing solutions to issues when they arise.

Customer-Focused – 

Partnerships thrive when your needs are put first. Make sure you find a cyber security provider that puts their customers first using services such as a dedicated support team, training and customised plans. 

Collaborative Approach – 

Find a team that will work closely with yours. A cyber security team that gives your team training, transfers your team knowledge and listens to ideas is a relationship you need to keep! 

Now for the Red Flags to Watch Out For:

No Accreditations – 

A company that has no accreditation or certification can be worrying as they could lack certain standards or processes. Make sure you choose a team with good values like you would with any relationship.

Weak Vetting – 

Choose a company that has a strong team that values high security for themselves. If they prioritise this then it’s telling for how they’ll value high security for your partnership.

Outdated Technology – 

Like a relationship you adapt as elements of your life change. Make sure your cyber security provider does the same! They should always be investing in their technology and finding new ways to support you with cutting edge protection and new training.

Tunnel Vision – 

A stagnant partner who won’t change their way of thinking just won’t do. Beware of cyber partners who act the same and try to use a one size fits all approach to their customers- every business is unique and they should adapt to your needs and wants.  

Limited Support – 

The best partners are there to listen to you when you need them the most. Your cyber security partner should be the same! Find a team who have extensive plans and resources as well as 24/7 monitoring or support when you need it.

Lack of Transparency – 

Don’t trust your partner? Maybe it’s time to give them the boot. Beware providers who won’t share details or how they have responded to areas such as threats. A provider who isn’t transparent will become more difficult to work with as you will never truly know if your business is safe. 

Finding the right cybersecurity partner can sometimes feel like dating, trying to find the right match for your business needs and wants, however, if you follow these tips, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

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