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Led by Michael O’Connor CISM, with over 25 years of industry expertise, and fuelled by a dedicated team of passionate cybersecurity professionals, NexGen Cyber has made a powerful impact in the Irish market. The company’s CEO, Simon Rosemeyer, and CTO, Mark Hardcastle have shared their enthusiasm for this new chapter, highlighting the long-standing friendship and professional relationship that underpins this new venture.

“I have known and worked with Michael for over a quarter of a century. I can vouch for his unwavering methodical and pragmatic approach. He’s always been the one to take charge and manage situations. Fast forward 25 years, and we are not only still friends but also colleagues, embarking on a new venture in Ireland,” said Simon. “I can hardly contain my enthusiasm with the opportunity for NexGen Cyber to assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Ireland. It appears that there is a noticeable gap in awareness and control when it comes to cybersecurity practices among these businesses, and we are genuinely excited about the prospect of making a positive impact.”

Let’s take a look at what Michael had to say about this exciting launch:

Why Ireland?

Cork city, Ireland’s second-largest city, has emerged as a burgeoning tech hub for cybersecurity. The decision to establish NexGen Cyber in Cork, a city with cybersecurity at its heart, was a natural one. The rapid growth of cybersecurity operations in Cork in recent years led to the creation of Cyber Ireland in 2018. Cyber Ireland, hosted by the Cork Institute of Technology and supported by IDA Ireland, serves as an industry-led body that aims to address the needs of Ireland’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Several notable tech giants, including Trend Micro, McAfee, Qualcomm, IBM, Johnson Controls, and VMware, have established a presence in Cork. While large multinationals are setting up shop, SMEs seek partners capable of providing cybersecurity solutions to manage technical risks effectively. This is precisely where NexGen Cyber steps in by bridging the gap in the market.

Can you describe the key differences between the cybersecurity landscape in the UK and Ireland?

Cyber Ireland has recommended that the Irish government adopt a standard likened to the UK’s Cyber Essentials. While such a standard hasn’t been implemented yet, there’s a pressing need for businesses to assess their risks and understand how to manage them. NexGen Cyber collaborates with customers to evaluate their IT and infrastructure, pinpoint security risks, and propose strategies to mitigate or eliminate these risks.

What is your main objective as a company targeting security in Ireland?

Our primary objective is to protect our customers from cyber threats. Every day, we witness headlines about companies falling victim to cyberattacks, paying ransoms, or suffering significant disruptions due to security breaches. With our support, customers can learn how to implement essential cybersecurity measures effectively and prevent their businesses from becoming the next headline.

How will your approach or services differ from the existing competition?

Many customers believe their IT providers handle all aspects of cybersecurity. However, upon closer examination, we often uncover significant security gaps that could be easily exploited. Employee training is a crucial area that every business should consider, as phishing emails and other threats continue to evolve. Ensuring cyber awareness is top of mind is imperative to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated hackers.

What steps will you take to establish a reliable network and infrastructure in Ireland to deliver your cybersecurity services effectively?

NexGen Cyber already engage with some of the market leading cybersecurity brands, partners, and certification bodies. We aim to bring these product offerings to the Irish market with a local touch. Whether it’s small offices or large businesses, we can provide cybersecurity support tailored to their needs without the need for additional headcount.

Beyond the initial expansion, what are your long-term goals for your cybersecurity business in Ireland?

Our overarching goal is to protect our customers from cybersecurity incidents. By achieving this, we aspire to grow NexGen Cyber into one of the largest dedicated and focused cybersecurity businesses in Ireland.

What excites you the most about this venture? And what do you hope to achieve in your first year?

We’re already making significant strides in the Irish market, engaging with numerous customers who recognise the need to bolster their cybersecurity posture. There is a strong demand in Ireland for assistance with cybersecurity, whether it’s reviewing and securing existing systems or implementing robust controls to deter potential threat actors. We are thrilled to be making a tangible difference.

Simon Rosemeyer summed up the sentiment, saying, “I am eagerly looking forward to our upcoming visit, where we’ll have the chance to meet new companies, immerse ourselves in the local environment, and contribute to enhancing cyber resilience in the SMB sector.”

NexGen Cyber’s arrival in Ireland marks a significant step in fortifying the nation’s cybersecurity landscape, bridging gaps in awareness and protection for businesses of all sizes. With the expertise of Simon, Michael and Mark, a leadership team of experienced and passionate cyber security experts, NexGen Cyber is determined to make a lasting impact in safeguarding Irish businesses from cyber threats.

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